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Finding new author and website

Posted on: February 11, 2009

Today I have been working on my eBay website,found a book for an author (Ace Atkins) that I had no idea who he was.. I did a google found out he worked for a newpaper here in Florida at one time and is a native of AL as my husband is… I will have to read one of his books to see how I like it… We have “Dark End Of The Street” ready to go on our website.
Next week after family goes home will get back to putting Harliquin in my eCRATER site. I just bought a whole mess of them from one of my contacts.
My daughter told me to join as many blogs etc as I see interests me.. Well at eCRATER they have a lounge and its got word games… I have been having fun with… and I have been looking at the websites of the other blogers.. One I found fun to look at was On this site they sell postcards… As my mother used to save them it was fun to look at… Maybe the person who runs this store will come and tell us about it..
Time to go to post office, grocery store,and nail salon(must make apt for Mother to get a pedicure).. Then start cleaning house for my step-daughter to come up on Thursday.. Can’t wait we are going to a war inactment..Then to dinner with family on Saturday night…. should be fun…


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