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workin 9 to 5

Posted on: February 9, 2009

On my book stores what a way to make a livin’…. Thanks Dolly for writting such a beautiful song….

This morning I am working to put the authors in eBay that I have lots of books for one author… Any that are not in good to great shape I am going to put into eCRATER when I finelly get it where I want it… So far this morning I have put in Luanne Rice, and Lori Foster love their books.. Next I will be working on Judith Gould and Eileen Goudge.  I have read Judith Gould and a couple of Eileen Goudge, they were both good. 

Book I am reading right now is a Harlequins “Fortune’s Christmas” The book contains several stories about the same Great Aunt and Grandmother who has decided she can help her children do better, has given them land or businesses that are falling apart with the catch that they have a year to make them profitable. If they succeed, the land or business is theirs to keep, but if they fail, it goes back to the Aunt… These books are “Full of Love and Wonder”… enjoying it very much… Authors are Lisa Jackson at, Barbara Boswell, her books sell on Harliquin and Linda Turner also sells Harliquin, when I finish it probably on Saturday it will be put on sale on eCRATER  for under $1.00 along with other Harlequins…. Check it out! 

We are working on giving rebates on shipping and handling.  That will be coming up soon… If you buy this week you will be included..  This offer is only available on our eCrater store not on our eBay store… Its so neat to see when I google to see something I created on there… I wish someone would tell me what they think of my stores and or blog.. would love someone to talk back and forth with.  I am not a wonderful writer or speller and I babble.. But you know what this is my blog and I can do that…


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