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eCrater woes, sight seeing in the rain

Posted on: February 3, 2009

Looks like I may be closing my eCrater store after entering over 300 items and opening a new one .  Gene has offered to help me… WE just can not get them to understand that we just want the email address to change where it is seen above the picture of books at the sight… I don’t know what else to do.. Gene has even written a email to these people… don’t know where else to look… or go… So will probley start over. ………………………….  We went sight seeing in the rain today…. went to a couple of stores and then went to lunch. Was not much fun as the weather made my legs hurt… so I did not go far… Did not make a good impression on my friend I am sure… Hopefully today will be better. Its not suppose to rain.  I bought couple of books will put on eBay.   My author has offered to let me sell for him exclusively… That is very nice… That will give me a lot of expos….I hope.Well back to bed its still early…. Pray for a better day for my friend and I…. no worries over ecrater….Thanks God for getting me though another day. I will try to be a better person.


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