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Manning the eStore

Posted on: January 31, 2009

Can’t believe that its afternoon … Have been working on books and more books… both book stores…. Bought lots of books this morning some are repeats of what i have lots of but when I have good customers who treat me good.. I like to do good by them also… I can always use them, just not right now so they will be left in the boxes till I can use them… Also I got a big box out and was cleaning up my room of stuff from the holidays that did not sell.. Will put them in my yard sale when I have one… Maybe the end of the month when it warms up alittle more.

Was reading todays paper and there was a 83 year old lady to cuts and ships coupons to the bases overseas… I saved it and its on my bullintin board so I can send her some when I get extra… A stamp is a small price to pay to help someone else do good…   I got to open one of my birthday presents today it was 8 days early but my daughter asked me to… I put her on speaker phone when I did it and it is just great… a braclet with 5 of my grandchildrens names on it… These girls are always a surprise  to me…


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