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Posted on: January 29, 2009

Trying to change my email address to readerwave on my new ecrater store is so difficult.. I don’t know if they don’t understand what I am saying or that they are just being diffcult.   I have come to the idea this morning I am not inviting anyone younger than me to my birthday… That way I will not be dissapointed… and they won’t have to feel bad because I got mad at them for not coming… That should solve all the problems of the past… Roberta says she is coming but anything can happen between now and Sunday. And I am old enough finnelly to not care if it does… I do not mean I want sickness or anything to happen or not happen I just mean I will treat it like another day… after all 60 is just a number right……….ya right.I guess the kid in me never left….                         Gene has gone back to bed and I am going in the living room and read some of my book… Its a Harliquin with three stories in it…   Have dishes to take out of dishwasher and need to get a shower and dress… but with Gene in the bedroom sleeping I have to wait on that.


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