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Posted on: January 28, 2009

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s how I feel some part of every day now.. I have so many books.. I really over bought last year and now have no room to add on… And no where to unload them… I have two websites and don’t know which one to put which book… I have been trying to put the ones I don’t want to charge so much for   Crater…  I think I have enough on there for right now… I have only had one sale so want to see if it gets better before I do more. 

Have not had time to read the book I have started at all the past two days. There are so many things going around in my head…. I have 9 boxes of books in our bedroom so they are out of my sight and not in the way so I can walk around in my little room… I had over 2500 books listed last year and between both sights I have less than 600 this year so far… I got upset with ebay and took almost everything out…. and was moving it to ecrater… now I have both… I ran across a book I read last year it was good and worth reading again..The Opposite Shore my Maryanne Stahl her husband and sister are caught by her kissing and it goes from there telling what she does to get past it… She also wrote Forgive the Moon.  was good… There is a new book out by Jayne Ann Krantz that I want to get but I may wait awhile as I have a bag full of books again… And two of them are new… Gene asked me what I want for my birthday… He knows I want a trip to Eva’s but say no to expensive so while at Sam’sI bought myself a book and give it to him…. My friend from HS is coming on Sunday for a week I can hardly wait… we talk almost every day either on phone or email… we will have so much fun.. we go off by ourselves and talk and talk…. we both have a parent that has or is living with us so we have allot in common.. and our other parent died of cancer.. Miss you Dad I know your birthday is in a few days and we will be thinking of you allot more on that day…. And our grandson’s birthday is on the 8th.. as is mine… we won’t be together this year… Gene does not travel well anymore due to his bursitis.. Gene’s son’s birthday is today. I sent him a email at work this morning and gene will call him tonight.


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so, I’m a couple months late, but…thanks!

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